Where I’m From…

Born in Los Angeles, raised in DC and LA, and having been blessed with a few miles of travel in between, I’ve seen a little bit of the world, how it’s run, the glories of humanity and some of the terrors of the human condition.  I am descended from freedom fighters and teachers, which leaves me with a taste for a righteous cause and a need to educate people about it.

In short, I have an opinion.

While I’ve been interested in politics my entire adult life, that interest didn’t stretch far beyond family-and-friend bull sessions and arguments around the table, deriding the state of the current administration, or the opponents thereof, and waxing poetic about what could and should be done in order to help the United States of America live up to the promise of its founding documents, and the ideals upon which it was based.

Then came Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton.

Both began the primary season with promise, with potential, with historical relevance and political potency.  Over the course of the campaign, I found myself more in league with Senator Obama, as I do at the present time.  At the same time, I find myself being critical of both parties, both candidates, and the crotchety manner in which the fourth estate shines or fails to shine a spotlight on the entire process.  This blog is my attempt to stretch the table my parents laid out for me a little further, to include more people in the conversation, to take my righteous cause and elucidate the issues as I see them for a few more people.  It is what KRS-1 called Edutainment.