Organizing A Community of One

Dear Governor Palin,

For a couple of years now, you’ve been mocking community organizers.  From your introductory speech at the Republican National Convention to your recent comments about nuclear materials, you’ve taken to task those people who’ve dedicated their lives to rallying disenfranchised and disaffected populations, and helping them achieve ends that they otherwise wouldn’t achieve.  It strikes me, though, and please show me the error of my thoughts here, that you have become your own declared enemy – you are a community organizer (since you quit governing, that is).

Today you spoke to a Tea Party rally opposing President Barack Obama, exhorting the crowd to “vote them out in November” and mocking the HOPE and CHANGE that propelled him to the presidency, and relegated you to headlining rallies or co-opting interviews on Fox and claiming them for your own.  In your speech, though, you neglected to acknowledge your role as a community organizer.  Your reference to “the Alinsky method” failed to pay the debt you owe to him.  You are working very diligently to “create [a] mass organization to seize power” in the United States government.  Much as you accuse others of doing, you are organizing a community to be an force for CHANGE … or are you?

I know that this may be lost on you, which is unfortunate.  It would behoove you to understand and organize your community to be effective and not simply effusive.  It would also be good that they know you need private jets and don’t like to give autographs.  Perhaps you quit governing because it was actual work, where charging six figures to stand in front of screaming hordes of anxious, frightened, un- and underemployed, slightly xenophobic and constitutionally ignorant people is much easier.  It simply requires you to pick some good ideas from the President’s speeches (he is a much better writer than you, after all), and twist them around; or take some of the successful Democratic policies like the stimulus package (which has created jobs) or the health care reform legislation (any death panels yet?) and lie to the very people they are intended to help.

I’ve also heard much lately about your political iq, though I am not personally impressed.  But since it’s obvious to most that you are a failure in politics, I’d say that your career iq is pretty high.  You’ve managed to parlay a mixed-bag of family situations and lipstick jokes into a ghost-written career as an author and a failed campaign as a maverick into a psuedopolitical twilight as a faux community organizer.  I guess my question is, what will happen when the community you’re organizing realizes that you have your best interests, not theirs, at heart?

You’ve tried to give community organizers a bad name in your written and spoken word over the last two years.  Unfortunately, your actions will speak much louder.


Reynaldo Macias