voy a la plaza

the plaza is where little
boys become boys because there are
girls there interested in
glances and laughing

two fingers cautiously thrown up
back, over his shoulder
waving goodbye to his mother father
grandmother sister
waving hello to strange-
ers girls he doesn’t
we don’t

“voy a la plaza”

the plaza is green grass
for playing laying talking and
sharing the stars

two fingers carelessly
floating like winds from growing
learning to like girls and be
liked by
easy smiles and twinkling eyes on
foreign homelands

in Serena the plaza
is where young people play
at being older
re-la-ting to each other like women
and men (almost)
“adonde va, hijo?”

“voy a la plaza”

native tongues
exploring different vowels
sounds exploding with first crushes
brushes with pre-
pubescent (but he’s not ready
for) smiles

hearts fluttering with
six legs carrying them from
childhood into boys
and girls are differentnicespecial

“voy a la plaza”

he’ll be back
never. already
changing when he stepped away
toward the first step
taking flight
his journey
taking him up up up
and away

© Reynaldo A. Macias 2010