i migrate, shunned.

the wild wild west
stretches across the globe,
a mi no me gustan los westerns
cuz cowboys always win –
shock and awe flash
sparkle of guns
and big tanks
making crawford happy
destiny manifests itself
over rivers of
vaquero blood and windshields
wiping migrants off
the hood

Chinese found gam saam until
rivers ran dry, white miners giving
a Chinaman’s chance
expired tickets on
The Underground Railroad
always moving migrating
listening to

Latinos on the radio
talking about keeping THEM out
Your abuelos
didn’t have wet backs?
from gulf waters between Florida and
Cuba libre lubricating the
grande rio
separating Anne Richards and
George W from Vicente and his
hordes scurrying to
cars and
pick more grapes
like picking my poison

starving in the Distrito Federal or
a minuteman’s bullet
in the
ass, but
braceros are buena gente

The Old 300 migrated and broke
laws – catholic what?
no slaves who?
should The New 11,000,000 do
the same thing?
ask for a state, some votes, then
pick up guns and steal land
(it doesn’t move well, though
so how do you steal it?)
follow the American Way.

I migrate from left to
right building walls around my
soul “Keep ‘em out!” echoing
against sound barriers
along freeways that cost
lives and billions –
is there a dashing people sign
(or a Minuteman)
at the Canadian border? white people,
maybe parents and children,
in metaphoric flight against
a black background?
sharing San Diego’s blessing
overstaying visas to
charge into life
with or without papers
documents or permission
from Junipero Serra and or
James Polk
“i’m with you, mr. lincoln.
show me the spot!” where
American blood was shed –
Baghdad? Tikrit?

not a guest worker, but guessing what
will work cuz
minimum wages don’t carry spare
and western union charges
too much to send
back cash

- like the pilgrims, puritans, conquistadores
huguenots and
quakers weren’t immigrants. King Philip standing on
the shore saying “No Illegals”

Send Me Your Poor,
Your Tired
Your Huddle Masses
Yearning to Breathe Free

© Reynaldo A. Macias 2006