adonde fue mi princesa

i put my daughter on a plane
to visit abuelos
y una vida
far away

she was quick
silver eyes smiling then kisses
“goodnight, daddy”
hugs that protect her (or me) from
the darkness her absence
boogeymen bigger than Chica (her stuffed
she’s slept with since she was
five) can handle

she cried (we cried)
when she left
strong hugs and kisses
besitos y abrazos fuertes
trying to hold on to her

cantamos cada noche
“goodnight, sweetheart” or “you are my sunshine”
(only that one i sing in her ear,
and her brother can’t hear)
she’s been gone
two weeks feels like
two months years decades
she’s old enough

to stay up for New Year’s Eve
jugando y bailando con sus primos
friends family and fireworks

when she gets back
will she still
cantar conmigo
or will she just say
and close the door?

© Reynaldo A. Macias 2011